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Using LED and new technology to renovate the bath

Most of us start our day in the bathroom – one of the most overlooked rooms in the home for updating. Whether you’ve decided on a complete renovation or just want a refresh, there are new technologies that will open your eyes in more ways than one.

Lighting and Switch Tutorial


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Before you begin, assess the current lighting in your bath – including switches and plugs.

Is the mirror adequately lit? Many bathrooms have one over-the-mirror bath bar or an overhead light. The recommended design is to place two wall lights on either side of the mirror; this reduces shadowing on the face for grooming or applying make-up, and provides an even wash of light.

Does your bathroom have natural light? In many homes, the bathroom has only one (or no) window, which can make the room quite dark. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a skylight, you will need to add ambient light to fill in the dark spots, including the bathtub or shower. Be sure to select wet-rated recessed or overhead lighting for the tub and shower area.KICH_LED-bath-bar


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Are you using old-fashioned incandescent bulbs? There are so many reasons to switch to LED bulbs. LEDs generally last for 12 or more years, and have come down in price recently. The savings in your electric bill will pay for the bulbs within a year or two.

What types of wall switches are installed? The usual flip-up switch from a big box store is outdated and boring.adorne-legrandLeatherPaddleNightlight_1 Today’s switches offer so many more options, featuring designer colors or a dimmer for late-night visits and occupancy sensors to avoid energy drain. There are switches that turn on and off with a wave of the hand – very convenient for the bath. Choose from hundreds of switch plate colors and textures to complement your décor.

Don’t even want to turn on the light at night? Check out the new line of wall switches from Legrand with a built-in night light.

Create a Lighting Layout

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’re ready to talk to a lighting expert to create a lighting layout. This is the fun part! Bring in your creative vision and design a bathroom that will make you want to get up in the morning.contemporary-bathroom11

Does a contemporary look make your heart sing? There are hundreds of stunning LED-compatible fixtures that will deliver a sleek and functional space.

Looking for serenity? You will want to consider dimmers for your wall and overhead lights to achieve a Zen-like atmosphere.

If Downton Abby is more your style, you may want to add an elegant mini-chandelier instead of the standard bathroom flush mount. Just be sure it’s scaled to fit your space – our lighting experts can guide you in placement and scale.

Whatever your design aesthetic or budget, our lighting experts are trained to help you make the best selections for your bathroom upgrade – stop by to talk to us today!